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Course Name : CCC – Course on Computer Concepts

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The course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for everyone. This programme has essentially been launched with an idea of giving an opportunity to everyone to attain computer awareness thereby contributing to masses and immediate mass usage in different walks of life. After completing CCC, the candidate should be able to the use the computer for basic and advance purposes be it preparing his personnel/business letters, viewing information on internet (the web), generating ledgers, creating presentations, receiving and sending mails, preparing their business presentations, small databases etc. This helps the small business communities, housewives, entrepreneurs, owners, students, etc. to preserve their small or huge records using the computers and enjoy in the world of Information Technology. This course is, therefore, designed to be more practical oriented and is a mandate for everyone who wish to be a part of Government sector as an employee.


The candidates can appear in the NIELIT CCC Examination through following and the eligibility criteria for each are indicated against below:

  •  Candidates sponsored by NIELIT approved Institutes allowed to conduct CCC Course – regardless of any educational qualifications.
  •  Candidates sponsored by Government authorized Schools/Colleges and have a Unique Identity number from NIELIT for conducting CCC – irrespective of any educational qualifications.
  •  Direct Applicants.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction To PC
  • GUI OS, Win XP & Win 7
  • MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point
  • Communication & Internet
  • Www & Web Browser
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Social Networking

Course Duration:

The total duration of this course is 80 hours, comprises of:

  1. Theory - 25 hours
  2. Tutorials - 5 hours
  3. Practical - 50 hours